How far can Genetics take Biotechnology…?


Research work

The Plant breeding and biotechnology program has grown considerably over the last 42 years to become one of the strongest and most productive graduate training plant breeding programs in East and Central Africa. At present, the program offers training at M.Sc and PhD levels and teaches courses to eight undergraduate degree programs in the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. It has a core team of six breeders and molecular biologists, and supported by more than 15 plant pathologists, agricultural economists, soil scientists, agronomists, food scientists, nutritionists, biometricians, horticulturalists, crop physiologists and other specialists. The graduate program offers courses in Biotechnology and Cytogenetics,  Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics, Advanced Genetics, Biometrics for Agricultural Sciences, Advanced Plant Breeding, Crop Pest Management,  Biometrical Genetics,  Breeding for Resistance to Biotic and Abiotic stresses, Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, Breeding East African Crops, Advanced Crop Physiology and Metabolism, Seed Science and Technology,  and Research Methods and Scientific Communication. The MSc and PhD degree training is by taught course and thesis, although in exceptional cases, PhD can be pursued by thesis only.